At ClosedWon, we understand the need for speed. Implementing a new go-to-market strategy or sales technology is not something you can roll out via email.

Often, you’ll need to get the buy-in from your team, and do a little training at the same time. We’ve been there. That’s why we’ve studied with some of the best in the business, and put together experiences to help your company get kicked off the right way with the right team vibe.

Icebreaker℠ for Sales Teams Conversational Marketing Workshops

You recognize the shift that’s happening in business communication these days. It’s up to you to get your team on board with conversational marketing, but you aren’t sure how to get everybody on board. Getting buy-in now will help give your company an edge on the competition as the industry smoothes the edges on communication and continually reduces the friction your customers are feeling every day.

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Icebreaker℠ for Drift Workshops

We’ve put a special focus on messaging and carefully put together the program for Icebreaker℠ for Drift Workshops. Over the course of a single day, your team will learn the fundamentals of conversational marketing, and how to implement them directly in your Drift account. In fact, you’ll end the day with fully automated bots helping to book meetings for your sales team while you sleep.

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