What is Drift Automation?

What is Drift Automation?

“twenty-four seven”

Early in the day at Drift’s HYPERGROWTH event in Boston, David Cancel espoused a few questions.

That set the tone for the event.

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Ok, let’s continue…

From my perspective…

the combination of chatbots and humans is the greatest achievement in personal selling since the Internet.

While the internet allows companies to scale operations and transactions, chatbots allow you to scale… well… you.

And the you is exactly what is missing from every other automation technology that’s come before.

The you is exactly what is needed for many sales to happen.

Especially the most important ones. The ones that come from personal referrals.

This won’t happen without you.

If we think about chatbots in this way, as a way to scale you; or your best salespeople individually… Let’s consider the ways a salesperson may “be scaled.”

There are many questions that are asked and answered over and over. You should be able to answer once and be done with it.

Scheduling a meeting is not something you need to do.


Elias Torres, CTO and co-founder at Drift took the stage..

and announced that they acquired Giant Otter, an AI tech company.

Giant Otter Tech’s Founder and CTO, Jeff Orkin, has an amazing resume that really speaks for itself.

Here’s his site.

Jeff’s MIT page describes Giant Otter as a company that was “Developing conversational AI technoligy[sic] for chatbots, simulations, and games.”

What we were talking about earlier, scaling your team…

All this and more is what Drift Automation takes care of automatically.

Here’s what you get.

according to a press release…

An AI engine custom built for their business. Drift’s AI learns by analyzing the conversations prospects are having on a website and is constantly optimizing itself to improve the customer experience. Drift Automation works across all Drift Playbooks and for unlimited conversations on a website.

Direct access to conversation designers who make sure customers get the results they want. Drift’s conversation designers will work directly with customers to train the AI engine with the conversations happening on a website, review them with the customer and monitor the bot to ensure it delivers results through a better customer experience.

Access to Drift’s conversation analysis tool so customers can search and monitor conversations. This way, customers can act on the insights and improve the customer experience.

It appears that this technology is amazing for scaling your team so more conversations can happen on your website with people who want to talk now.

Still though, there is a need for tailoring the icebreaker prompts to who the person is, personalizing the experience based on behavior and more, and generally good copywriting to inspire action.

After all, the goal of marketing inspires action.

And what is a good chatbot with a poor headline but another popup to be dismissed.

This post will be updated with more news and analysis.

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