Thinkhandy is now ClosedWon

Thinkhandy is now ClosedWon

Over the years, we have grown from a small marketing consulting shop focused in many different directions to laser focus on a few key areas. They all have a common theme and purpose: to help our clients create more booked revenue. To that end, we have ditched our old branding and are now taking on the moniker ClosedWon. “Closed Won” is the last stage most sales reps move an opportunity through in their CRM, usually representing that the order has been paid. It is this end that we are after for our clients, not just more leads.

More, we believe that there are many areas that we can help our clients move their customers to “Closed Won”. Sometimes it is a mindset change. Sometimes, it is by taking that next step in a trial of a software product or trying out a new feature. Sometimes it is just a matter of helping them reach out to customers at the right time to highlight key moments in their own journey.

Rather than looking at ClosedWon as only stage in the sales process, We aim to help companies transform to a ClosedWon culture that is looking to help create more ClosedWon moments for their customers. It’s more than just “customer success” or delight. This is about the right mix of proper segmentation, automation, and just reaching out. The ClosedWon Moment is also reducing an key area of friction in the delivery process (Think Amazon.) With the technology we have today, we can bring the power of personalized business to the mid-market, and start creating more happy valuable referral-driven customers.

That’s ClosedWon. So that’s now our name. We aim to live it with you. Have questions? Drop us a line.

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