The Advent of Video Marketing and Its Impact on Businesses

The Advent of Video Marketing and Its Impact on Businesses

Think of the number of times people stop to read through advertisement literature amidst their busy schedules, and you will discover that it is declining by the day. Entrepreneurs promote their brands because they need to close sales at the end of the day and so adopting the right marketing strategy, in this case, is a necessity.

If you are a B2B marketer or salesperson, then you understand the importance of capturing the attention of the individuals you are targeting within the shortest duration possible. Video marketing is becoming a buzzword in the business world even as more and more entities adopt this approach. There is no better way of winning the attention of your audience than through the use of videos, and that is why this option is increasingly becoming popular.

How Video Marketing Is Transforming Enterprises

You can tell a lot about your brand using literature, but you will achieve less than your investment through this option because it does not capture the attention of viewers in the best way possible. Videos, on the other hand, show various aspects of your brand, which implies that you can explain sophisticated techniques using this visual strategy because it gives you the power to demonstrate what you are offering.

It is a fact that people understand videos much better than narrations, and when you use the former in your email campaigns, you will realize increased sharing and forwarding, a surge in click-through rates, and your audience will spend more time reading your emails as well.

Video marketing has the power of reaching the masses by capturing the attention of viewers in a way that leaves lasting memories in their minds, and that is how it is transforming organizations around the world. It is possible to use videos only as your marketing strategy, but you can blend them with content too when promoting your brand to create emphasis or make your message clearer, and that will give you an upper hand by establishing your position in the market.

Winning the hearts of your target audience can make them brand ambassadors, and that will be an added advantage if you are seeking to expand your operations. The probability of people commenting, embedding, and sharing video content is quite high, which is not the case for social posts and blogs, and when that happens, it bears a positive impact on your firm.

Who Should Be Doing Video Marketing?

Today, there are videos for just about anything on various online platforms, and whether someone is just unwinding or needs some in-depth insight, they will find a video that offers the solution they are seeking. Entrepreneurs should consider investing in video marketing if there is a demand for;

Humanizing Their Brands

Buyers connect more with videos because they can put a face on your products or services. The challenge of using content only as your marketing strategy is that you will limit your audience to text only and as a result, humanizing your brand becomes a challenge. Videos make your brand alive when you use real people to tell the story about the latter, and that will help you engage your audience better.

Building Trust with Customers

You need to win the confidence of your clients to close a sale, and that is not possible if they cannot trust your brand to meet or even exceed their expectations. Videos allow you to demonstrate how your products work and the results they deliver using real-life examples, and that is how you gain the confidence of your clients, which, in turn, builds trust and long term business relations.

Retaining Existing Clients

As you focus on targeting potential buyers, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of maintaining existing customers. Remember that online competition is going a notch higher, and companies that do not adapt accordingly may fail in one way or another. Video marketing is a strategic way of retaining the clients you already have in your portfolio, even as you seek to add more of these on that list.

Why Should You Use Video in Marketing and Sales?

Every builder counts the cost of setting up a particular structure before they start on the task, and this also applies to business operators when considering where they should invest. Most probably, you already have a marketing strategy that is still delivering the results you expect as an entrepreneur, but if you are not video marketing your brand yet, you should consider doing so, and here are the reasons why making such a decision will be a wise idea.

Realizing A Return on Investment

Some business operators have bitter memories about investments that did not yield returns, and part of the reasons for this is buying into specific ideas without doing thorough research. The internet is awash with details of how video marketing is helping businesses double and even triple their profits, which makes it a worthwhile venture because it will give you value for your money.

Engages The Laziest of Buyers

Most people do not research before making a purchase either because they are too busy, or they are just not into reading a lot of literature. The sight of your brand in motion has the potential of engaging lazy buyers, and video marketing will make that a possibility.

It Is Appealing to Mobile Users

Various individuals spend much of their time on mobile devices, and these tools provide an excellent opportunity for reaching them. Video is part of the content that mobile users consume the most, and when you use it as a marketing tool, it becomes the most appealing option for capturing those who use mobile devices.

Video Marketing Platforms for Businesses

Business owners that are not using videos to spread the word about their products or services are sacrificing on the many benefits that come with this marketing solution. If you are planning to embrace video marketing as an entrepreneur, here are some of the platforms you can use.


Having become the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube can help you reach millions when you use it to share videos for promoting your brand. YouTube offers fantastic features that allow you to advertise even as you build your brand, and you can also track the performance of your videos once you upload them.


When you subscribe to Vidyard services, you can customize the video player, leverage the useful thumbnails, and track the performance of your video marketing strategy. Although you need to pay for Vidyard services, the platform allows you fourteen days to enjoy everything it offers for free.

Sprout Video

Acquiring an agile tool is critical if you want your video marketing strategy to succeed, and that is what you achieve through Sprout Video. Some of the services you will enjoy when you invest in Sprout Video include the privacy setting option for addressing specific issues, the integration of videos in marketing content as a result of curating playlists, call to action, email collection forms, tracking those who interact with the videos you upload, among others.


The rise of video marketing has become a game-changer in the B2B arena, and if you want to set yourself apart or become an authority in this line of business, you should adopt this strategy as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

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