Calendar Volleyball

Why in the world, given the tools we have at our disposal today….

I’m sorry… I almost got a little heated.

Given the tools we as salespeople have at our disposal today, why are some of us still asking people for “a few dates and times that might work” in an email?

Who do we think we are serving by holding back the easy scheduling programs from our prospects?

Hey, Hey, Hey, What is Going On Here?

The argument I hear most often has something to do the prospect being “old school” or the salesperson thinks it is rude to send a calendar scheduling link.

Get with it.

The more you waste your prospects’ time, the more points you lose along the way.

If there is really a need to approach the prospect with a super light touch; perhaps we should just be asking if they prefer to use the scheduling link (linked in context, of course) or to send back times.

I have done both. In very few cases, do people not prefer to schedule their own appointment at their leisure. When they don’t, it is clear to me that I haven’t got any business holding a meeting with them as I have not yet built up enough value in their mind yet.

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