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Set Up Your Next Event for Long Term Success

Inbound Sales & Content Marketing – Keynotes and Workshops

Tired of “company retreats” and organizational events that have no positive ROI or real business outcomes? 

There are many organizations we speak with that bring in speakers for conventions, conferences, retreats and company getaways.

The sad reality is that the vast majority of the content of these presentations and team building exercises goes in one ear and out the other within a few days.

Why does this happen?

  1. The leadership team has no goals for such an event.
  2. There is no alignment with the messaging and overall company objectives.

Leadership teams often feel obliged to hold events that will “rejuvenate”, “reinvigorate” or otherwise get their team’s proverbial “asses in gear”. (Relax… We say stuff like this in Texas.)

So what can we do that works?

We need to break the cycle of poor planning and lack of strategy that leads to little to zero business results.

We work with leadership teams to ensure that not only are we a good fit, but that we can deliver a desired result. If not, we will simply decline the opportunity. It’s that simple. Aligning expectations for an event with stakes this high is paramount.

The “Readied Selling” Sales & Marketing Methodology ProgramIMG_1967-705323-edited

Building a Rock Star Demand Generation Program with Content Marketing & Sales Alignment

  1. How Consumer Expectations And Buying Habits Have Changed [Audience Participation]
  2. Why Businesses Get Found Online Through Social Media, Search And Other Avenues [Audience Participation]
  3. The Way Consumers Find Businesses Online (specifically)
  4. The Impact “Compounding” Content Can Have On The Sales Process And Closing Rates
    • Help them understand how the content will affect sales process and closing rates
    • Would you like to know every page of the website a prospect is looking at before you talk with them
  5. The Need For Everyone’s Voice in Social Media & Content Marketing (and playing to each of your employees own communication styles and strengths)
  6. Making This A Reality For Your Company: The Editorial Process Isn’t That Hard (Let Go A Little) [Audience Participation]
  7. The Long Term Impact for Your Company And Employee (and your bottom line.)
  8. Case Studies Workshop [Audience Participation]

Want this type of program customized customized for your organization? Tough Luck! Just kidding. We always consider our target audience first. Let’s discuss. There may be other elements that we need to bring into this.

They may include some of these:

  • Sales Enablement
  • Demand Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Customer Experience Management
  • LinkedIn and Social Selling

What are people saying?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKLAAAAJDZjNTJiYWZiLTU0OWUtNDQyZC05NmY2LWE1NmY5NDdhZTAxMQ“Chris has been a guest speaker for a marketing agency coaching group that I co-host. His experience and personal approach to marketing was well received by all, but I have to say it’s his ability to engage the group and foster productive conversation and idea sharing that really sets Chris apart. It’s always a pleasure working with Chris.”
– Alexandra Nikitas, HubSpot

281f2a9“Chris presented to Steer Fort Worth on digital media and marketing. He is a great speaker and had a lot of new ideas that were applicable to a wide variety of markets and needs. I recommend Chris and ThinkHandy for his knowledge of marketing.”
 Stephanie Harrison, Cantey Hanger LLP


“Chris was an active brainstormer, helped us solve problems on the fly. The course wasn’t canned; it was customized to our needs. Chris wasn’t overbearing – just a great listener and obviously experienced. He made 2 solid 4-hour sessions bearable. I really enjoyed the session and launched an email campaign 48 hours after training (so far so good — on a 900-member list, open rate is approaching 40% click rate is 8%!)”
– Laura Boyd DeSmeth, Methodist Health System