What is the Investment for Conversational Performance Marketing?

Hey, there. You’ve found our pricing page.

Boy, pricing is one of those complicated animals that isn’t that easy to come up with. You have to speak with customers (a lot), evaluate what drives their revenue growth, what they find irreplaceable, but also balance what they are willing to pay for to keep things sustainable and not to add feature bloat.

We’ve found companies in various stages of their conversational culture that have different needs. This page is divided into two sections:

  • Ground Up, (for those just getting started off or in need of a refresh)
  • and In-House Team (for those who’ve been at it a while, and are looking for help).

(Don’t feel like there is a fit for you here yet? Tell us what’s on your mind and let’s put our heads together to get you rolling.)

Build a Conversational Culture from the Ground Up

Icebreaker℠ Performance Sprint

starting at


Reduce missed opportunities with a 45 day data-driven sprint focused on your growth.


  • Everything in: 
    • ✓ Icebreaker℠ for Startups
    • ✓ Meet More Potential Customers
    • ✓ Retain & Grow Customer Lifetime Value
  • Drift + CRM [Salesforce or HubSpot]
    • Customized Integration with Advanced Workflows
    • Tailored Lead Routing for your Sales Team
  • Sales Enablement
    • Custom Email Playbooks for 10 Sales Reps
    • ClockFace²
      • Upgrade your conversations to online meetings

Hemingway Team
45 days

  • MicrocopyIQ℠
  • Icebreaker quotient tests and measures ability to start conversations.
  • Multivariate Welcome Message Testing
  • ImprovIQ℠
  • Help your bots become better an “Yes, and…” with better direction.
  • Independent User Experience Surveys

Intelligence Unit
45 days

  • MessageIQ℠
  • Artificial Intellijealous™ Sentiment Analysis
  • ✓ VolumeID℠
  • Identify 10-15 high-impact intent FAQ
  • * UpgradeIQ℠
  • VolumeID℠ FAQ to Company Wiki
  • Tettra License Required

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*additional feature upon request

Your In-House Conversational Performance Team

Install us to your Slack Team or Facebook Workplace

What is MicrocopyIQ℠?

Prompting users for action is an art and a science. You’ll have A/B multivariate tests run with different versions of conversion microcopy bespoke written for your business. We’ll pick a winner every period to increase conversation rate, and then we’ll test again.

What is ImprovIQ℠?

It’s up to you to help your bots become better at speaking with your customers.  We’ll take them to IMPROV class and teach them the principles of “Yes, and…” by testing over and over again. Alongside,  independent user experience tests, your bot will come back prim and proper.

What is VolumeID℠?

Identify the most high volume customer questions for internal use with our Artificial Intelligence Driven algorithm.

What is UpgradeIQ℠?

This add-on allows you to build your team wiki and customer help-docs or FAQ based on insights gained from customer questions.

For Sales: Transform high-impact frequently asked questions from VolumeID℠ into website, help-docs, or wiki content to be re-used and updated by your sales team.

For Customer Success: Transform high value account customer requests and issues from VolumeID℠ into insights for your product and support teams. Customer Success answers will become part of a customer enablement database in Help. (available upon request)

What are MashupMetrics℠ for Sales?

You’ll be glancing at dashboards with metrics that only exist because we can pair tools like Google Analytics and Drift Together to make entirely new animals like # of Conversations per Returning User. The metrics chosen are tailored to each company’s needs.

What is Churnstradomas℠

This bot prompts action and notifies retention teams based on the behaviors on your site most frequently associated with customer churn.

What is CampaignSync℠?

You are constantly working on new retention and acquisition strategies. Whether that is an in-app product release, or a PPC campaign, we will sync up your Drift efforts with 3-6 retention + acquisition plays per period.

What is CampaignSync℠ for ABM (Account-Based Marketing)?

CampaignSync℠ for Road Shows helps companies who take to the road integrate Driftbot with their Event and field marketing strategies.

CampaignSync℠ for Conferences is a more complex offering for companies who have a periodic marquis event for their best customers and target accounts. Integrating conversational marketing into the mix is like cheese and wine.