What in the world is microcopywriting?

Microcopy lives everywhere. In your calls-to-action, subject lines, meta descriptions, headlines and more. We’ve talked before about SEO really being about the art of not writing checks with your headlines (meta title/description) that your content can’t cash.

It’s about not being spammy or blasting out the same message on all your employee’s social media accounts.

It’s about crafting copy for the medium, and making sure its copy that sells.

Your microcopy must sell the next action. Sometimes that is your product… But most of the time it’s clicking through to the next page, opening an email, or just starting a conversation.

It’s the same with email, website chat bubbles, and more too.

It matters everywhere, and it can dramatically affect your revenue.

ALL the little text matters.

The importance of Microcopy is evident when viewing and reading the description for the Email Copywriting Teardown clip (below) from a recent webinar recording. Here is the original description from the webinar on February 20th, 2018.

A Foolproof & Simple Email Sequence You Can Implement Today to Generate More Leads & Sales

One thing we know to be true: Most sales emails are just not very good. In fact neither are most marketing emails.

In this session, both marketers and salespeople will walk away with a foolproof email sequence they can implement in their business in one day that is guaranteed to perform its purpose: to move people forward.

These emails won’t close deals themselves, but they may create more opportunities for you to do so.

What did we see in that description?

Notice the headline? How does it work? Does the description set proper expectations? There’s a lot of great concepts in the webinar itself on microcopy and how people’s brains process small bits of text like email subject lines and preview text. Heck! Even the sender name and email address send a signal. Check it out now.

Here is our favorite section: Email Promotions Tab Teardown

A Highlight from the webinar produced on February 2018.

Chris TEARS through the inbox and rips some emails to shreds while discussing the social psychology behind why some of your emails get action, and why some do not ever get opened in the first place.

Do you need help with your microcopywriting?

Applying these principles to your conversational marketing and live messaging microcopy is an incredibly powerful animal.

Microcopy that can have a large effect on conversion rates and revenue

Don’t believe me? Take it from DG over at Drift.

We help companies large and small write new microcopy that drives real conversations and opportunities for real revenue growth.

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