Is Your Chatbot a Concierge or a Valet?

Is Your Chatbot a Concierge or a Valet?

People are out there building chatbots in the image of a concierge, and wondering why it’s not changing the game.

It’s because the concierge is only appropriate for the lobby, a nice to have that’s helpful once in a blue moon.

On most pages, customers are looking for a VALET.

They want something purpose built…

  • Park my car, please.
  • Schedule a meeting, please.
  • Bring me a latte, please.

“How can I help?” is very likely to be meet with “Just Browsing”


“Can I take your coat, ma’am?” is far more likely to get a “Oh, yes, thank you. I will stay a while.”

On a product detail page that’s part of a tour, but the visitor has not seen the previous page in the “ideally presented tour journey?”

Bingo. This is one of their important features. Take this opportunity to go deep on the one thing in a way you wouldn’t with someone going to through step by step.

Ask is this particular feature is a big deal to them.

Offer a video on how this one feature trickles through the product.

Ask questions to help further identify fit. What else in important?

Offer to provide detailed follow up with questions that come up during the visit.

These are just a few examples in one situation.

If you’ve built one bot to rule them al and are hoping for it to cover all bases, you may be surprised to find out how much you can level up by adding in some alternative situations for when people are showing signs of interest.

It doesn’t stop there, you can tailor the conversation to where they came from, and how many times they’ve been on which page, and what they have or have not opened in your emails. It’s endless.

If you aren’t optimizing for this layer in 2020, you are going to lose to someone who is.

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