The Inbound Marketing Methodology

Fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads.

Inbound Marketing is one of the most powerful forces in digital marketing today- unlike traditional marketing, the inbound marketing methodology focuses on providing quality content that aligns with the interests of potential buyers and draws them in naturally to your sales funnel which allows you the opportunity to convert, close and delight.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a four-step process focused around taking complete strangers and turning them into promoters that support your business through purchases and recommendations.



Step One: Attraction

943BD7CD-48EC-45A7-864D-4A49989CDB7AThis section focuses on getting the attention of complete strangers. We’ll work with you to discover the parts of your business that are most attractive to other people, then use those elements to help you build an online reputation that gets people interested in what you have to say. Once strangers have become attracted, they’ll turn into visitors.


Step Two: Conversion


Conversion is where things start to get interesting. A visitor is just that – a person who’s checking out what you have to say, but isn’t sure that they want your product and may decide to go somewhere else. That’s why we’ll use techniques like calls to action right when they’re finished reading or watching something that matters to them – and carefully convert your visitors into leads that your sales team can get to work on.

Step Three: Closing

0547FE18-EA5E-4C49-9310-64A86236B874A lead is someone you can close a deal with – trying to sell to people before this point just isn’t going to happen. We’ll help you set up a system that’s appropriate for your business and allows you to close as many deals as possible, turning your leads into the customers that you’ve been searching for.

Now, most businesses would be happy to stop here… but Inbound Marketing takes things one step further in order to maximize your returns.

Step Four: Delight

C5EC3DD5-7783-4BB2-BBC8-A2948D346A82Happy customers are paying customers – and more importantly, happy customers are more likely to recommend your business and become promoters that send customers your way for a minimal investment in keeping them happy. The methods used for this vary, but include events, social connections, and special offers unique to their needs. One happy customer can turn into a promoter for years to come, and our team here at Thinkhandy Marketing will do everything we can to maximize the number of customers that support you in this way.

What Results can be Expected from Inbound Marketing?


It all depends on your specific needs, but the following results of using Inbound Marketing are among the most common:

  • A significant decrease in the amount of money spent on advertising (often more than a 50% drop)
  • A measurable increase in the number of leads, reaching as high as 400% above the levels seen before the Inbound Marketing Methodology was used
  • Significant improvement in brand loyalty and recognition, even among people who are not yet customers
  • Focused advertising that works to bring in customers who are willing to be converted, rather than spending money on advertising to customers who are unlikely to ever convert