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What if there were a machine that helped introduce you to your future customers sooner?

The amazing thing is that there absolutely is such a machine.

Be the first to know about new products.

That’s why we focus on helping fast-moving, high-growth B2B companies like yours keep their people, processes, and technology up to speed with what your customer actually wants.

We get a lot of questions about what exactly conversational marketing and chatbots are.

So we figured the best way to explain a chatbot to you, is to introduce you to ours…

Meet our Killer Bot, Otis.

Tallyho, My name is Otis and I am a Piñatabot.

I should clarify that I’m not actually a killer. It’s more of a metaphor actually. I am a chatbot. But I really fancy myself a PiñataBot. You see, I see the world as an opportunity to help celebrate more of the small wins. Like helping someone find something quickly on your site, or allowing a a VIP lead to skip the form and instead talk directly with your best sales reps.

Those are wins worth celebrating.

I may be artificially intelligent,, but I have mad skills when it comes to helping your best customers to the front of the line. (I think that’s where the “killer” metaphor comes from) My favourite part is measuring the effectiveness and continually making myself better. Always improving. Talking with hundreds (if not more) people at once, looking for the perfect fits. While you close more deals. Because I never tire, I’m the best sales development rep you could ever hire. That rhymed.

More of an Elton fan, myself.
This one is a Piano Man.

A killer bot can be in many different places all at once. Helping different people, in different contexts make the decision to buy from your brand.

The question is… Do you want a killer bot like Otis working for you?

I have good news for you. Now… you can.

At ClosedWon.com, we are now crafting chatbots (Killer Bots, if you will), that are custom tailored for you to take home to your business.

We’ll dig into your analytics data to craft just the right chatbot for your audience based on 7 different factors.

Your “Killer Bot” can be built for Drift, Intercom, or even HubSpot Conversations.

…and you can order yours now right here in the shop.

What will you name yours?

Just some More of the tech stack we work with. We’ve Got You.


The New ClosedWon.com

We’ve refreshed our look and simplified our offering. In fact, we will be releasing new products every day for the next lil’ bit…

We haven’t changed everything though. You can always…

Using Drift and other chat technology is THE THING this year for marketers seeking better engagement with qualified leads. Chris Handy at ClosedWon knows this space better than anyone I know. It’s not a plug-n-play strategy. You need to get this right or chat bots can actually backfire.

John, MarTech Whisperer

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