Let’s talk about your GamePlan for connecting with customers.

You’ve thought about your sales playbook and you need to start connecting with customers in a more human way, while still taking some of the load off your team.

You may have been going about conversational marketing for a while, or maybe you are just getting started. No matter where you are at, you know that you can probably be getting more from your efforts.

That’s one thing we hear a lot.

You want to get the most from your investments in customer engagement, but you aren’t sure you’ve taken advantage of your software.

That’s where having a GamePlan comes in. We’ve studied the game films and run thousands of playbooks against all kinds of scenarios. You can count on us to help you design a GamePlan around your process and integrate the toolset where it makes sense.

If getting closer to your current, and future customers is a goal of yours this year, you need a GamePlan.

Let’s talk about your GamePlan now.

What is a GamePlan?

A GamePlan if your quarterly roadmap for success with conversational marketing and Drift. Your company is in a unique position. There are no drag and drop templates for you. You’ve found yourself in this situation at this point in time for a reason. You need to consider your entire process, and your customer’s view of your world to build a solid GamePlan for conversational marketing success.

What’s do we look at in the process?

Experience – We have our team of secret agents mystery shop your website and sales process to understand more about what the status quo is. We’ll report back with the good, the bad, and the missing. Comparing the actual experience to the intended one is a very helpful exercise in shaking things out.

Data – Using available analytics, we’ll identify opportunities for conversion icebreakers. Prompting action based on actual recorded behavior is so much better than guessing in our experience.

Site Optimization Opportunities – More often than not, we run into issues where a website simply hasn’t been properly optimized for search engines. We include a report that shows where and how to make many of those simple adjustments, and even share our formula for SEO copywriting.

Playbook Development – Based on findings, we’ll lay out a roadmap for automation, conversion, and developing more site visitors into customer interactions.

Playbook Integration – Integrating these bots into buttons on the website, and navigation menu links that contextually deliver value to customers based on their behavior is something we have found a lot of success with. We’ll customize a plan for integrating several key conversion-oriented playbooks  directly into your website.

CampaignSync – For companies who create a lot of content and/or pay to acquire traffic to their websites, we develop strategically integrated playbooks that take your customer’s context into consideration. For instance, we might develop a bot that corresponds with an ongoing video series, blog topic, or even LinkedIn ad campaign. * For account-based marketers, we can deliver a special AccountSync set of playbooks that roll out the red carpet with custom experiences for your key accounts.

Continuous Improvement Process Design – Based on your organizations unique communication makeup, you’ll receive a customized outline for how to maintain a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement. This ranges from the more strategic to the very tactical. e.g. how to run a playbook test in Drift.