ClosedWon has an Evernote Business Certified Consultant


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Thinkhandy’s founder is one of only a few recognized Evernote Business Certified Consultants in Texas. This means that you can now trust our services even more because you only become an Evernote Business Certified Consultants after demonstrating that you can help you implement paperless methodologies to the highest standards.

What is Evernote Business?

Every day, your team works to deliver your company’s important business objectives. They’re researching projects, writing proposals, pitching business ideas, and reporting key results. When your team depends on multiple tools to manage a fast-paced workflow, their productivity suffers. ! Evernote Business works seamlessly across devices, different time zones, teams, and projects to create one workspace so every hour of the day becomes more productive.

Executive Overview

A Central Workspace

Researching projects, creating proposals and presentations, and taking meeting notes all happen
in one place for more effective collaboration. !!

Smart Recommendations

Intelligent search features connect the dots by suggesting relevant work from team members and by highlighting experts within the company.

Cross-device Support

Evernote supports all major operating systems, so your team has instant access to their work across their computers, phones and tablets.

More Efficient Meetings

Every meeting is a working session. No need to create slides. Walk in with a clear agenda, present and develop ideas in real-time, then share action items with the team, all from Evernote.

Data Ownership

Projects are completed and employees may move on, but the work done and the cumulative knowledge created stays with the company.

Easy To Deploy

Straightforward on-boarding of team members means less time spent on deployment and more on meeting business goals.