Creating Playbooks in Drift to Match Consumer Intent

Creating Playbooks in Drift to Match Consumer Intent

This is a great video from DG and G over at Drift.

The long and short of it is that having a generic welcome message (the words that prompt someone to send in a message through the chat or engage with your bot) on your entire website is a flawed strategy. Listen up.

This line of thinking is very much aligned with what we do here at ClosedWon. When we start working with clients on their GamePlan, one of the first things we do is map out several welcome messages to test to match different levels of buyer intent.

Understanding what your buyer wants is a key element of the process, and being able to map your message prompts to their state of mind is part of the magic in using this technology.

What kind of prompts do you use on different pages? Are there opportunities for improvement there, or are you all set? If you want to improve your conversation rate, hit us up and lets talk about your GamePlan.

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