ClosedWon Copilot℠

Ask any pilot, and she’ll tell you that it’s really hard to fly in the dark.

Flying (and more importantly landing) an airplane requires dozens of instruments. It’s a lot to consider, but a successful copilot makes the job a lot easier by providing in-flight updates and feedback, meaning the pilot can focus on making the right adjustments at the right time and not necessarily on all the different instruments at her disposal.

And of course there you are… already using dozens of software tools to run your business with a couple more being considered just this week. To make matters worse, the tens of thousands of metrics to be narrowed down and considered are spread among them.

This makes discovering insights, and sharing those with your team, that much harder.

While our pilot keeps her eyes on the skies and flies the plane… her copilot keeps tabs on what’s going on and offers invaluable insights at just the right time.

A dream copilot for your business would:
– Have visibility on all the key metrics across all tools, and most importantly – remember to cross reference them
– Have critical thinking skills, and be able to notice trends that can only be identified with thoughtful analysis
– Update you with in-flight notifications when a number jumps through the roof (think unexpected PR traffic 😬) or when you may be short of goal. And also give you an idea on what you could do to respond.

Your Copilot has arrived, and it’s designed to help you in four key ways.

1. Rally your team around their personal or team goals
2. Recognize important trends across your company
3. Reveal hidden opportunities to improve performance
4. Respond with informed decisions and actions

Align your team with their most important metrics and KPI’s in one place, and help them proactively track their performance on goal with smart alerts.

Augment time-strapped leaders with human-powered insight to help them make more informed decisions on the fly.

– Alerts: Updates delivered to your inbox when you are going on-plan or off-goal. “We notice things for you”.
– Insights: Why did we make or break our number? What could be leading to this?
– Uncover Opportunities and give your team recommended actions recommendations to maximize performance (or course correct when needed), right in their inbox.

Let’s 🌮 Bout It


What is an Alert?

Alerts let you know when things happen.

What is an Insight?

Insights are why things happen. It can be frustrating to experience dips (or even spikes) in sales when you have no idea how or why they happen. With Copilot, you’ll enjoy just-in-time notifications and proactive updates surrounding key performance indicators so you can steer your business correctly toward meeting your goals before it’s too late.

What is an Opportunity

Opportunities point out where you can make adjustments for outsized performance improvement. We spot these and surface them to you with a Recommended Action that you can take, or adapt as you see fit.

What is a Recommended Action

A Recommended Action is what you can do to capitalize on the opportunity. It’s never fun (or necessarily useful) to just have someone point out problems. You’ll get recommended actions along with the opportunities we send you.

How would it all fit together?

We noticed that [information], but also [information] (Insight), and we think that you could achieve [result] (Opportunity) capitalize by [action 1] and [action 2] and it would have the following result . Here is our recommended action: [a recommendation of what to do in more detail] (Recommended Action)

Robin is an excellent writer. She’s nearly done with a new downloadable long-form guide that the Demand Gen team has been clamoring for since last quarter. And it’s good. Really good. But she’s just received an alert that the company inbound lead goal is off track halfway through the month. The key insight is that she hasn’t been writing as many blog posts this week (they normally bring quality traffic that provides good leads).

Robin looks to Copilot for opportunity to help the company meet goal. She finds that the demand generation team has much sent less volume in email marketing this month, and she has some recommended actions.  Because email sends for the month aren’t yet exhausted, she can work with the demand gen team to get a boost in traffic on the content she already has published via email marketing, and help the company meet its leads goals.

As you can imagine, Robin’s work on the long-form guide will pay off in the long term, but because she has a view into how one thing (like content volume) can trickle down into other areas, she is able to work across departments to help make sure the company meets its short term goals, while still delivering on the big guide for the long-term.

How often do you deliver new insights?

In addition to the real-time alerts that we set up to monitor key performance indicators we decide on together, we regularly review data across our client’s ecosystems looking for opportunities.

A team’s ability to execute on opportunity usually scales along with the size of their team. We want to provide lots of insights and opportunities for your team, but not so many that they are overwhelmed. For this reason, we offer different frequencies and volumes (e.g. Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly) to match your unique needs.

Let’s 🌮 Bout It

Data is noise.
Information is interesting,
Knowledge is power.
Insight is invaluable.
Get your Copilot today.