HubSpot Conversations, Explained

HubSpot Conversations, Explained

HubSpot Conversations is one conversational messaging tool that many small businesses and entrepreneurs use in the hopes of growing their brand through streamlined and highly effective customer interactions. This article will answer some frequently asked questions about HubSpot Conversations, and compare it to other messaging applications.

This is HubSpot Conversations, Explained.

What is HubSpot Conversations?

HubSpot Conversations (previously HubSpot Messages) is a communication tool from HubSpot that includes live chat, team email, a chatbot builder and an inbox. It allows current HubSpot users and new subscribers to set up conversational messaging for customer interactions on their website.

While the official description for HubSpot Conversations refers to a number of different tools to help a company most effectively interact with its customers, these tools actually refer to separate steps in the chatbot setup process, called “chatflows.” (Other applications, like Drift, refer to these steps as “playbooks.”)

Who is HubSpot Conversations For?

Some customer segments that would most likely benefit from HubSpot Conversations include those companies and small business owners that already utilize HubSpot. Since HubSpot Conversations interacts with HubSpot’s free CRM system, onboarding for Conversations would only involve a very small learning curve for them. Also, if they wanted to unlock additional features from Conversations, they could subscribe to HubSpot’s paid hubs (such as Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, or Customer Hub), if they had not already done so.

Additionally, since the base HubSpot Conversations application is free, those who are new to conversational messaging, or those looking for a simplified messaging solution, may find it to be a perfect fit. For instance, companies with extremely straightforward products and marketing needs may find that Conversations provides exactly what they need.

This platform is also a good fit for those companies that need a broad conversational messaging platform, but are operating under budget constraints. All in all, HubSpot Conversations can function as an excellent starting point for your journey through the world of conversational marketing and selling.

Who Isn’t HubSpot Conversations For?

For business owners and company executives looking for a more robust conversational marketing platform, HubSpot Conversations may not be a good fit. While Conversations can provide a nice foundation for your conversational marketing strategy, there are some significant limitations in customization and functionality that somewhat hamper the application’s effectiveness. Generally speaking, larger companies and enterprises would not find Conversations to be a good fit for their marketing demands.

Furthermore, if conversational messaging is a focus area for your marketing initiatives, and you need a platform that offers not only depth of features but also a consistent customer facing experience, then HubSpot Conversations may not be able to provide the streamlined solution that you’re looking for.

How Much Does HubSpot Conversations Cost?

Is HubSpot Conversations really free? Well, the basic version is free, which is a huge plus for many customers, as mentioned above. However, it is important to note that since Conversations is integrated into the HubSpot CRM and also connected with other hubs, the free version will have significant limitations. For instance, if you wanted to set up conversation routing, you would have to subscribe to the Starter Plan for the Service Hub at $50/month; or if you wanted to enroll a contact into a workflow from a chatbot interaction, you would need to subscribe to the Professional level of Marketing Hub at $800. (Note: Marketing Hub Pro is required for a number of features.)

Basically, the more features you purchase from HubSpot’s overall product, the more effective and customizable Conversations becomes.

HubSpot Conversations Alternatives

There are a number of other paths that you can take in your conversational marketing journey apart from HubSpot Conversations. Drift has a reputation as a much deeper and more robust conversational messaging platform, and is currently the industry leader. There are also options like HelpCrunch, Intercom, ManyChat, Facebook Messenger and Chatterbot, each with their own unique selling points and drawbacks.

While smaller businesses with less marketing needs and limited budgets may prefer HubSpot Conversations as their go-to platform, there are definite advantages to partnering with a company that can provide a conversational marketing solution that is not only broad, but deep. 

Pros of HubSpot Conversations

  • For those who are already using HubSpot CRM, the consolidation factor of using Conversations is a big bonus. Conversations would already be closely integrated to your contact database, allowing for quick and simple personalization.
  • Building a chatflow is visually intuitive and easy to do.
  • Inserting a user into a workflow doesn’t require you to send him or her to a landing page separate from his current point of interaction. Conversations allows you to register the interested visitor into your workflow contacts directly from the chat box. 
  • HubSpot Conversations is not only GDPR compliant, but also gives administrators a high degree of control over customer experience across different nations.

Cons of HubSpot Conversations

  • One of the biggest drawbacks to HubSpot Conversations is the fact that admins are not automatically notified of all conversations initiated with their bots.
  • The actual user interface with the chatbot can be confusing and even frustrating for some visitors. For example, there may be occasions when users must choose their reply from a pre-set list in the chat box; however, the line “Write a Message” will still display in the text input box at the bottom.
  • Page targeting is extremely limited. HubSpot Conversations does not offer a simple way to create product or service-specific chatbots, meaning that the same chatbot will operate across a greater number of pages, and engage a wider variety of users, than is optimal.
  • HubSpot Conversations does not currently allow video within the conversation flow. Videos can only be inserted as links.

HubSpot Conversations Integrations

HubSpot Conversations enjoys native integration within the HubSpot CRM system. Conversations also delivers when it comes to Slack integration. Conversations can happen without new channels being opened for each user. This ease of use is a wonderful advantage that comes from using the Conversations platform.

HubSpot Conversations offers several specific advantages for consumer segments like small business owners, and entrepreneurs new to conversational marketing. While there are some significant drawbacks to utilizing this platform, many marketers would find it helpful, user-friendly, and effective.