The Modern B2B Consumer's Manifesto

The Modern B2B Consumer's Manifesto

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Dear Company,

I have choices, and I am considering you. I might buy from you, but I am going to have questions. Here’s what I expect from this exchange.

  • I expect to find the information I need to make a buying decision readily available.
  • I expect accessibility of your team when I have questions. I don’t/won’t wait on phone forever, days for email, etc.
  • I don’t want to have to go through a hundred qualifying questions or tell you my mother’s maiden name just to talk with sales.
  • I’m a person and not a “sale”. I expect you to treat me as such.
  • I expect you to respect my time and my own/specific “buyers journey”
  • If I download your ebook – for the love of god, don’t call me.
  • I don’t want to be blasted with a one size fits all marketing/sales pitch.
  • Respect me and my inbox if/when I subscribe to updates from your company.
  • I consider my privacy to be table-stakes and absolutely non-negotiable.
  • I prefer to talk with the actual sales person the first time. Not once you have another rep qualify me.
  • Don’t lie to me. Don’t “growth hack” me. Not even once.
  • I am not looking for a dog and pony show. I just want to speak to someone on a real level… to have a real conversation.
  • I want to see your face when we talk. Turn on your video in the online meeting.
  • Make no mistake. It’s up to you to manage my expectations.

I hope you receive this letter with the utmost professional respect, and truly hope that it helps you sell to me better. If I choose to buy, of course.

The Modern B2B Consumer