We are ClosedWon.

Over the years, we have grown from a small marketing consulting shop focused in many different directions to laser focus on a few key areas. They all have a common theme and purpose: to help our customers create more booked revenue. To that end, we have ditched our old branding and are now taking on the moniker ClosedWon. “Closed Won” is the last stage most sales reps move an opportunity through in their CRM, usually representing that the order has been paid. It is this end that we are after for our clients, not just more leads.

More, we believe that there are many areas that we can help our clients move their customers to “Closed Won”. Sometimes it is a mindset change. Sometimes, it is by taking that next step in a trial of a software product or trying out a new feature. Sometimes it is just a matter of helping them reach out to customers at the right time to highlight key moments in their own journey.

Rather than looking at ClosedWon as only stage in the sales process, We aim to help companies transform to a ClosedWon culture that is looking to help create more ClosedWon moments for their customers. It’s more than just “customer success” or delight. This is about the right mix of proper segmentation, automation, and just reaching out. The ClosedWon Moment is also reducing an key area of friction in the delivery process (Think Amazon.) With the technology we have today, we can bring the power of personalized business to the mid-market, and start creating more happy valuable referral-driven customers.

That’s ClosedWon. So that’s now our name. We aim to live it with you. Have questions? Drop us a line.

SEO Stuff

Here is a list of buzzwords that represent tactics we help employ: account based marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social ads, communication strategy for social media, video marketing, conversion optimization, inbound marketing

Here is a list of software we use: ConnectEngine, HubSpot, MailChimp, Google Analytics, SalesForce, Drift, Mautic, Wistia, more…

A team of creative problem solvers with a passion for helping you find customers.

Serving clients all over the world, ClosedWon, is an Performance Marketing firm and Drift/HubSpot Partner located in Fort Worth, TX.

Clients working with ClosedWon find a helpful partner dedicated to shortening their sales cycle and generating more qualified leads. With an aligned marketing and sales strategy, we can knock down the traditional silos and create a much more efficient business development environment.

Leadership Team

CHRIS HANDY – Founder and CEO

Chris Handy is an acclaimed podcaster, dynamic keynote speaker and emcee, and marketing strategy consultant who has been featured by Content Marketing Institute and was named one of the Top Ten Podcasts by the Agency Post.

When Alex Nikitas of HubSpot needed someone to explain the latest developments in lead nurturing and audience development to their high-potential agency partners, they called on Chris to show them what he was doing.

“His experience and personal approach to marketing was well received by all, but I have to say it’s his ability to engage the group and foster productive conversation and idea sharing that really sets Chris apart.” – Alexandra Nikitas, HubSpot

Chris is passionate about improving the processes that make a business thrive. His workshops and other intensive training programs most benefit eager companies who have dipped their toe in the water with conversational marketing, microcopywriting content or inbound marketing, but have not seen the effect on top-line revenue that they had hoped.

Chris is a leading authority on Drift. He’s built some of the most effective chatbot campaigns on the planet and can work with your team on a plan to implement Conversational Marketing and Drift at your company.

Chris is a leading authority on HubSpot. With his elite status as a HubSpot Accredited Trainer and can work with your team on a training plan to implement Inbound and HubSpot at your company.

Chris Handy is founder and CEO of ClosedWon, an Inbound Agency & Consultancy located in Fort Worth, TX. Born and raised in Fort Worth, he holds degrees in management and marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington.

BETHANY HANDY – Co-Founder and President

As Co-Founder and President of ClosedWon, Bethany Handy is skilled in brand development, social media marketing, content marketing and strategy development, relationship management, and community marketing, to name a few.

She, too, graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing. Bethany is active in the community and is a member of several organizations, including: Golden Key International Honour Society, National Honor Society, UT Arlington Alumni Association, National Forensic League, and SteerFW.

In addition to helping you manage the public relations aspect of your business, Bethany enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and volunteering. She’s also a huge fan of anything that has to do with Santa.